Welcome to puki.org

puki.org is a not-for-profit analytics group that works with partners to load, analyze and understand data.

puki.org was built collaboratively between people in data, statistics, and application development. If you like this platform or perhaps more importantly if there is something you don't like about puki.org, change it. Don't like the color scheme? Change the style sheets. Don't like decomposition output? Change the report. It's designed to be flexible. puki.org hinges on data integrity (because without that you got nothin). Databases are better at maintaining data integrity than analysts. Our system is designed to keep all data registered and “in the system.” What this means is that from squaring off an analytic project, to reviewing the data in it, to generating an analysis and running reports, throughout that entire chain of events, t he analyst does not have to touch or manipulate data. Analysts are better at interpreting the data. For that reason, a great deal of overhead goes into the data upfront. Data needs to be “in system”. The benefit of all this overhead is simple: maximize the time analysts have for interpretation by minimizing the amount of data intervention required. Read more about data integrity in discussion of mast data sets.

to learn more, you can contact Noah Ganter - noah.ganter@mphasizeworldwide.com

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